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Communicate more effectively with women.

Make your automotive business Certified Female Friendly.

Get Certified Female Friendly®

Your customers have expectations. Exceed them with the valuable training and tools from the AskPatty.com Certified Female Friendly program. Our online interactive training and certification program presents automotive employees offers insights on every facet of enhancing the way you communicate with women, from the sales process, to marketing and advertising, to optimizing your service lanes.

We are proud to certify:

Auto Dealers Automotive Brands Service Centers Tire Retailers Quick Lubes Auto Body Shops Car Washes Credit Unions


Jody DeVere, President and CEO of AskPatty.com, helps automotive retailers of all kinds harness their abilities communicate more effectively with women, the majority decision maker in all automotive purchases today. She delivers targeted training to improve communication skills and develop female-focused selling and marketing strategies. AskPatty courses also cover best practices for branding, social media marketing, green and earth-friendly business operations and selling techniques during service and repairs.



The AskPatty.com online interactive training platform has been designed to offer an easy to navigate, set-your-own-pace training experience. Accessible anytime and on any device, our 24/7 interactive virtual training can be completed from home or at the office.


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Introduction to Selling and Marketing To Women

Training Overview


AskPatty.com, Inc. takes a two-pronged approach to revolutionizing the women’s automotive retail market: For consumers, the AskPatty.com website, is a safe and reliable source for expert automotive advice and research. For auto dealers, tire dealers, collision centers, auto service and repair centers, the revolutionary AskPatty.com Certified Female Friendly® program, designed from the ground up, trains and certifies automotive retail and service centers on how to attract, sell, retain and increase loyalty with women customers.

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Jody DeVere • CEO, AskPatty.com

Jody DeVere is a internationally recognized speaker, trainer, often quoted industry pundit and spokesperson for the automotive industry on the women’s market. She has been featured by the New York Times, NPR, Wall Street Journal, CNN, Fox Business, Forbes Women, Oprah Magazine and Parenting Magazine to name a few. As CEO of AskPatty.com, she provides automotive education to women consumers and an interactive online Certified Female Friendly® certification training program for automotive retailers on how to attract, sell, retain and market to women.

In her role as marketing to women expert, automotive journalist, car care expert and safety spokesperson her goal is to educate women car buyers and owners, the automotive industry at large and promote, mentor and support careers for women in the automotive industry.

Jody DeVere is a champion for women in the automotive industry, and her company AskPatty.com, Inc. serves as the first point of contact for many women who are seeking the very best experience to buy a car and service by visiting Certified Female Friendly® automotive retail locations across the United States and Canada.

Book Jody DeVere as a spokesperson for your product, as a speaker at your next meeting, annual conference or workshop.



Certified Female Friendly Sales Training

Introduction to Selling and Marketing To Women (5 Chapters)

  1. Introduction to Jody DeVere, President and CEO of AskPatty.com
  2. Introduction to the Market
  3. A Change is Coming
  4. The Power of the Female Consumer
  5. Training Overview

Certified Female Friendly Sales Training (8 Chapters)

  1. Women Talk; Learn to Listen
  2. Introduce Her to Everyone
  3. Women Don’t Like to Haggle
  4. How to Ask For the Sale
  5. Carl Crafty
  6. How to Build Trust with Women Part 1
  7. How to Build Trust with Women Part 2
  8. Creating an Inviting Environment

Service, Repairs, and Women

  1. Service, Repairs, and Women Training Part 1
  2. Service, Repairs, and Women Training Part 2

Certified Female Friendly Marketing

  1. Introduction to AskPatty Marketing
  2. AskPatty.com Completion Certificate